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Commercial Kitchen Canopy Cleaning in Melbourne

Carbon, grease, and fatty deposits can build up in your kitchen’s canopy over time. This is not only unclean in a cooking area but can also be a dangerous fire hazard. Moreover, a kitchen canopy is often overlooked when it comes to maintenance. As per the set standards, you should get a commercial canopy cleaned once a year for light-use kitchens and three monthlies for a heavy use kitchens. Eco Commercial Cleaning Melbourne knows how vital it is to keep up with every part of the kitchen, whether it is visible or not. This helps keep safety and fire risks to a minimum. With the added advantage of enhanced airflow and conditions for people working in a kitchen area, commercial kitchen canopy cleaning services are a vital part of commercial kitchen aftercare.

We perform commercial kitchen canopy cleaning Melbourne services with care, efficiency, and attention to detail. It is a hassle-free and simple service that will help save your time and offer peace of mind that any dangerous parts of a canopy will be handled properly and safely. Our professional canopy cleaners Melbourne have the right training and come with the right equipment to ensure a transparent service and strict guarantee. We can offer specialized kitchen cleaning for big restaurants, hotels, local diners, schools, care homes, and other commercial areas.

We ensure to clean kitchen canopies inside out, removing all the grime that you can see and even that you cannot see. Our specialized team uses professional equipment to remove the grease, oil, and fat build-up, leaving the clean canopy inside and looking great. On completion of the canopy cleaning, you’ll be offered a certificate detailing the rendered service. You may rest assured knowing that the kitchen canopy is safe, clean, and at its best until your next scheduled cleaning.

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  • Kitchen exhaust system deep cleaning
  • High cleaning standards
  • Rust or corrosion protection
  • Minimize the fire risk

Our Canopy Cleaning Services in Melbourne

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