The staffs here are well trained and professional to the true means.


Cleaning tools and equipments used by us are of the most advanced level.


We provide prompt service with altogether effective cleaning.

 Solar Panel Cleaning  With  Eco Commercial Cleaning Melbourne

Solar panels are used for saving the power consumption and are a very economical solution for the society as well as the environment. But, if these panels accumulate dust, birds waste or other such particles, the productivity or the functioning power are reduced. The panels will become corrosive with the dust or the dirt. These solar panels must be cleaned regularly to avoid the problems encountered with the expensive solar panels. We provide the solar panel cleaning services.

What are the advantages of proper solar panel cleaning with us?

The lifespan of the equipment is increased.

The energy production is maximised.

Safety standards are highest with us.

The solar panels are not exposed to the harmful detergents or chemicals.

Experienced, qualified and insured people in this field are hired only.

For cleaning, we use the de-ionised water as well as distilled water that will protect your equipment.

We reply as soon as possible with setting of appointments.

On time arrival and completion of the work.

The solar panels will degrade in the functions when those are dirty or untidy. The pollution, the bird droppings or the other form of dust can contribute to the blockage of the sunlight to reach the solar cells in the solar panels. The more the amount of the dirt, the lesser amount of electricity will be produced apart from the other factors included in the production of the electricity. The range of reduction in the amount of the produced electricity can be 25% to 30% due to the dirty panels. So, stop thinking much and do a proper cleaning of the solar panels with us.

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