Eco Commercial Cleaning Melbourne

Eco Commercial Cleaning Melbourne is a well know and well established company in Canopy Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Kitchen Duct Cleaning, Exhaust Fan Cleaning and more cleaning services that has a history in the industry for long. There are several types of office cleaning services where the residential as well as commercial cleaning services are provided for years throughout Melbourne. If you are not satisfied with the office cleaning by the current cleaners, then you can reach us immediately. Our main aim is to provide you with the proper office or business premise clean as well as spotless. We clean the office or the premises of the business as best as possible with consistency, regular work and in affordable rate. It is very easy to engage with our team and you will get the technique of green cleaning.


  • We offer the cleaning service with eco friendly solutions. The eco-friendly solutions are helpful in eliminating dirt, stains etc. without affecting the environment or the surrounding creatures.
  • Our staffs are insured and the insured staffs help to keep you out of liability of the injuries that may result from the sudden accidents.
  • Whatever equipments are used for the cleaning purpose are tested before the cleaning and carried by our team to the place of work.
  • All types of cleaning services for residential and commercial purposes are provided by our team and cleaning is of professional quality.

Quality Control

The bio-degradable chemicals used in the cleaning are vital in the green ways of cleaning. The carbon footprints are minimised by our services and other electrical equipments are tested. We provide the cleaning tasks in general, the window cleaning, the kitchen cleaning, the commercial cleaning, the tiles and grout cleaning, the solar panel cleaning, the exhaust fan cleaning or other such parts. Here, we offer the cleaning services after the working hours and also in weekend cleaning, where our staffs or workers are fully insured.

High Performance

  • The staffs are local and expert in their job.
  • The equipments are of latest technology and with high performance.
  • You will enjoy flexible work timings.
  • Quality cleaning service loved by our clients.
  • Equally beneficial for residential as well as commercial buildings with high rise also.

Work Programme

  • Customer satisfaction is our primary aim.
  • You can avail the estimated cost for the work.
  • Quality of work maintained by valuing our employees.
  • Cleaning services for great ambience and good feel.
  • Cleaning services with full protection of carpet, flooring etc.

Cleaning Services

Our service is our identity

Canopy Cleaning

Our experienced and trained team members clean the canopy inside and outside by using the advanced equipments.

Exhaust Fan Cleaning

The grease or the oily dirt gathered on the exhaust fans, if not cleared becomes unable to function properly.

Kitchen Duct Cleaning

We have many types of cooking modes or heating modes like the gas cylinders or the cook tops or the micro ovens.


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