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All about Canopy Cleaners

Who would like to eat in a place that smells of foul air, or where the food served is cooked using unclean equipment. Such equipment or devices not only harm affect the food, they may at times prove harmful to the environment.

Kitchen duct cleaning - More suction no more smoke

The client based in Elsternwick running shop in 2 story small shopping centre , they have issue with suction and he is complaining that smoke is not going inside the canopy ,after few days of opening the shop he got complain from top floor neighbor and next door shop as they can smell the smoke and its so hard to work in that environment for them .

Happy client is our motto

Client based in south morang, Melbourne. shop located in 2 story building , and it's not easy to go on roof and make exhaust fan cleaning service. we went there for inspection .we have chat with client and he is they clean their kitchen exhaust system every six month. so that mean in three year they clean the system for at least six times. when we turn on the exhaust fan we heard the different sound then usual.

Duct and exhaust fan repair and clean

A client running bakery shop in Langwarrin in Melbourne . and they want to clean duct and exhaust fan clean for council inspection.

We check the system and unfortunately who ever install this fan before 20 year they never think about cleaning so they weld the metal mesh with fan cover so its not possible to clean that fan , as per clients requirement ,they need to clean it in one week time because they lost 3 weeks in to collect quotation.

Vertical spiral duct with whole exhaust system

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