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 Canopy Cleaning  With  Eco Commercial Cleaning Melbourne 

Local Canopy Cleaning Services In Melbourne.

Eco Commercial Cleaning is well acquainted with the different forms of cleaning and canopy cleaning in Melbourne is one of them. The extra grease, grime and dirt from the kitchens are absorbed by the kitchen canopies. But, the accumulation of the grease and grime by the canopies for several days makes it a risk factor for catching fire. By cleaning the canopies at regular intervals, help in maintaining the functionality of the same and also a healthy kitchen atmosphere. Eco Commercial Cleaning Melbourne offers the standard form of canopy cleaners to minimize the risk of the fire, which may result from the gathering of oil, grease and dust particles resulting from cooking. Also, the unhealthy atmosphere created due to the absorbed materials in the canopy, the pests and insects get a chance to breed and grow.

Commercial Canopy Cleaning Services In Melbourne

The professionalism added with the skills of the experts in our team will give you a clean canopy more than your expectation. The services are included in the commercial, corporate, domestic and other areas. Our team excels in providing a well maintained kitchen canopy wherever you want. In the canopy cleaning, we offer:

You will get the proof of the cleaning with before and after pictures.

Insured and certified tradesmen.

Fast response and on-time delivery of the work.

Exhaust fans are cleaned, following the Australian cleaning standard.

Restaurant Kitchen Canopy Cleaning in Melbourne

Our team always strives to deliver the best service and maintain healthy as well good working condition of the appliances. Regular maintenance and regular cleaning of the exhaust or the canopy can help you to avoid fire accidents. So, if you are looking for a reliable and effective canopy cleaners in Melbourne, call us immediately and get a kitchen canopy free from dirt and grime.

Filter Exchange and Cleaning

Kitchens are used for preparing different foods, where the oil used in the foods along with dust gets accumulated as grease on the equipments in the kitchen. Cleaning these grease or accumulation from the chimneys or the kitchen filters is not only necessary for the visual wellness, but is also a healthy attempt. Eco Commercial Cleaning Melbourne professionals are involved in Filter Exchange and Cleaning on a specialized and effective way to provide the best possible service. Kitchen Equipment Clean

Kitchen Equipment Clean

Whether your kitchen utensils or the chimneys are getting dusty or greasy, you need to clean them. Cleaning the kitchen equipments is a mandatory task for maintaining the safety, health and the wellness on a regular interval. For the Kitchen Equipment Clean, you can rely on us and call the team of Eco Commercial Cleaning Melbourne. We are ready to accept the challenge of eliminating the sticky and greasy filth from the kitchen and make it sparkling clean.

Exhaust Fan and Duct Cleaning

The exhaust fansare used for eliminating the hot air of the room, especially the kitchens. As a result, the fans become greasy and dusty very often. This restricts them from proper working and the purpose of installation of the fans is not solved. To ensure such functioning of the exhaust fans and the ducts of the kitchens, appropriate Exhaust Fan and Duct Cleaning should be done. This service is provided by Eco Commercial Cleaning Melbourne effectively.


Frequently Asked Questions From Our Customers

Canopy Cleaners Melbourne recommend that a stainless-steel canopy can be easily cleaned by washing it. You can use water and soap to wash it. You then need to scrub it using a brush. Use a mix of vinegar and baking soda on the toughest stains. Ultimately for perfect canopy cleaning Melbourne, rinse the canopy with a cleaner and dry all the water stains from it.
Kitchen filters cleaning can be a dangerous and time-consuming job. It involves a demanding procedure including use of chemicals, changing filters, preparing the area, and more. With the help of professionals who have the required knowledge and skills to clean the kitchen filters professionally, you can save lots of time and efforts on your part. They know the codes and the standards to carry out the job efficiently. They are even well-versed with the fire and health codes and comply with them always, taking the worries off your shoulders.
You should get your kitchen exhaust system cleaned once in a six month at least by a professional, mainly if you do lots of broiling and deep fat frying. Grills and fryers throw up lots of grease that should be scrubbed regularly. Regular exhaust system cleaning by professional will keep it free of grease build-up, avoiding fire hazards while extending the life of your exhaust system.
Having a dirty kitchen duct can result in intense fire. Build-up of oils and grease can also lead to a huge disaster. No matter what the size of your kitchen is or what kind of food is cooked there, your employees and guests can be in danger in case the kitchen duct is not cleaned and maintained regularly. But a clean kitchen duct can dramatically decrease the possibilities of fire inside the kitchen. A clean kitchen duct working at its best can lead to safe and more productive work environments along with offering clean and world-class experience for the guests. So, keeping your kitchen ducts clean is of utmost importance.
Your kitchen filters are the first defence line in the kitchen system. They keep debris and grease away from entering your ventilation system for maintaining environment quality and reducing fire risks. So, they should always be in proper working condition. There is no exact schedule to change or clean these filters. For those who don’t cook frequently, the filters can be cleaned or changed once a year. But in case of avid cooks, the filters should be cleaned and changed in every 2 to 4 weeks based on their condition.
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