Duct and exhaust fan repair and clean

A client running bakery shop in Langwarrin in Melbourne . and they want to clean duct and exhaust fan clean for council inspection.

We check the system and unfortunately who ever install this fan before 20 year they never think about cleaning so they weld the metal mesh with fan cover so its not possible to clean that fan , as per clients requirement ,they need to clean it in one week time because they lost 3 weeks in to collect quotation.

Finally we got chance to fix this issue , we start the job from cutting the metal mesh and clean kitchen duct and clean exhaust fan then install new metal mesh with easy uninstall screw. so next time when they require cleaning done its nice and easy.

Good thing about all the hard job is you get happy client as reward and they book another service next year with us as well

Thanks for giving us a chance to provide you a good service

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