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Client based in south morang, Melbourne. shop located in 2 story building , and it's not easy to go on roof and make exhaust fan cleaning service. we went there for inspection .we have chat with client and he is they clean their kitchen exhaust system every six month. so that mean in three year they clean the system for at least six times. when we turn on the exhaust fan we heard the different sound then usual. I knew that it's the exhaust fan and its full with grease and dirt and the blades touching to the grease and making movement of blade hard. So I have decided to check the fan on the roof and I took the owner with me. as soon we reach on roof he was shocked when he see the condition of roof. the roof and exhaust fan is full with grease and fan leaks from everywhere and its make the roof full with grease. now he was very upset as for continue his business in shopping centre he must clean the roof. then we open the fan and we found out that nobody open the fan since the shop was open. Then we book his job and after we finish the job we took picture to show the owner the difference we make. also fan stop making unusual sound now its functioning very well. no more chat with owner as I showed him picture of roof. book the next service after six month. he is very happy with our transparent service.

Canopy Cleaning

Our experienced and trained team members clean the canopy inside and outside by using the advanced equipments.

Exhaust Fan Cleaning

The grease or the oily dirt gathered on the exhaust fans, if not cleared becomes unable to function properly.

Kitchen Duct Cleaning

We have many types of cooking modes or heating modes like the gas cylinders or the cook tops or the micro ovens.

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