Duct and exhaust fan repair and clean

A client in Collingwood have a issue with grease leaks from duct ,so we inspect the system and find out that no body make the 5 metre vertical duct clean befor.

We gave our quote for exhaust fan cleaning an duct cleaning with canopy cleaning. As soon quotes approved from owner we organise one of our best technician for this job.

The job begins with exhaust fan cleaning , we remove fan from duct and clean the fan first. then it's a duct cleaning time. end of the duct after bend we create small door to remove all grease and then start cleaning the duct from the top, after scrap and clean we collect almost 20 kgs of hard grease which is very dangerous for safe workplace.

By the time we finsh duct work cleaning our staff who were cleaning canopy inside the kitchen they almost finish.it took us almost 6 hours to clean the system.

As soon we finish cleaning we start to fixing small inspection panel to make cleaning easy next time cleaning.

As a good result from our job we also get permanent filter exchange contract as well.

Thanks for giving us a chance to provide you a good service

Canopy Cleaning

Our experienced and trained team members clean the canopy inside and outside by using the advanced equipments.

Exhaust Fan Cleaning

The grease or the oily dirt gathered on the exhaust fans, if not cleared becomes unable to function properly.

Kitchen Duct Cleaning

We have many types of cooking modes or heating modes like the gas cylinders or the cook tops or the micro ovens.

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